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The Defender: The Mission 

The Commonwealth is the ruling power in the galaxy. Until now, they hadn’t concerned themselves with the worlds incapable of space travel. An enemy is slowly creeping into the galaxy, infiltrating the low-tech worlds. Supreme Executor Hale knows if this continues, in time, it will destroy the Commonwealth. Twelve star ships are sent out with minimal crews to approach the undeveloped worlds, making alliances before the enemy can gain a foothold on them.

Captain Alexander leads his eleven crew members to these savage worlds, searching for the enemy’s presence and developing allies. In exchange for small advances in technology, the crew buys loyalty from the naive worlds giving the Commonwealth advanced scouts in the coming war. It’s a simple enough assignment until the enemy begins pursuing the crew.

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The Defender: Defended 

The Crew of the Evangeline continue their Commonwealth mission to make allies of the non-space-faring planets in the galaxy. Drea III is a technologically advanced world shrouded by a dark history with the Commonwealth. Drean officials politely agree to hear the crew’s proposal of an alliance with the Commonwealth. A series of startling discoveries land the crew in jail, charged with several capital crimes. Captain Alexander finds himself caught between his Commonwealth mandates and protecting an entire planet from disaster.

David does the only thing he can. He throws himself on the mercy of the courts, defending his crew to his last breath. More unexpected discoveries cause the Captain and crew to start questioning everything they’ve been taught.

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The Defender: Treasonous Acts 

Who enjoys the story of a good boy gone bad?

Captain David Alexander is just such a man. He followed the rules, dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” Service to the Commonwealth Interstellar Force was his life… until now.

Treason, the only crime punishable by death. The entire crew wavered in their loyalty. Only one man remained true, Security Chief Jake Holden. Could he save them from themselves? Could he stop Captain Alexander from taking the entire crew down? Could he protect the primitive world of Tudoren? If he couldn’t, Admiral Robert Deacons, David’s uncle would have to. Could he arrest or execute his own nephew?

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The Defender: In Evil’s Grasp 

Betrayed… Imprisoned unjustly… His body racked with pain…
Evil voices whispering… Taunting him…

Pateras prevented his captor from executing him outright. His crew now believed he was either dead, or the one who betrayed them. The desire to die grew stronger with each passing moment. The one who betrayed him returned as an angel of light offering him a way out… a way to die. Can he fulfill the mission Pateras gave him? Can he survive this darkest night of the soul?

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The Defender: Mission Abandoned

Capt. Alexander and his crew have abandoned the Commonwealth in favor of serving Pateras. Pateras’ enemy, Supreme Executor Hale dispatches a fleet of super soldiers to destroy them, and anyone else who gets in their way.

Capt. Alexander needs the crew to forgive Jake’s treachery, and he needs allies before the Commonwealth finds them. His best chance is his old friends, Nate and Stephanie, from his Academy days. David seeks out the Emissary hoping his friend will listen to reason. To his disappointment, his best friend places him under arrest. Now what does he do?

Mission Abandoned is volume V in the Sci-Fi Defender series. Reggi Broach expertly weaves personal struggles with action and adventure creating a powerful novel you can’t put down. Pick it up now.



The Defender:  Birth of a Revolution

Hunted for treason and haunted by his past, Captain Alexander attempts to unite the Explorer Fleet to protect them from the deadly super-soldiers ordered to destroy them. His evidence against the Commonwealth is subjective and the belief that he destroyed an entire military base of 10,000 men and women fuel his comrades’ resistance to him. Just as things seem to be moving forward, the sins of his past revisit him. Four ruffians, hungry for revenge, capture Captain Alexander and Lt. Marissa Holden who is about to give birth.  The two are forced into an empty mine tunnel. The odds are not good with four against one and the young lieutenant in heavy labor. Can Captain Alexander talk his way out? Will Marissa be forced to give birth alone in the tunnel? Who is the mysterious stranger that’s been stalking them? Can they get off Zulimar before their enemies arrive? Get on board before the enemy catches you!

Prequel: Birth of the Defender

Two stories, worlds apart, yet somehow connected. On a backward world, on an inconsequential planet, a young pregnant woman flees for her life. An ancient prophecy predicts the downfall of regimes with the birth of her child. The world is barely past the stone age, yet the child’s birth will be felt across the galaxy.

On a different, more advanced world, Tristan, a former covert ops agent, marries Jessica, an accountant and daughter of two engineering geniuses. Months later, on the modern, advanced world, their child is born. This child is also heralded by the ancient prophecy. A prophecy his family has been forbidden to speak of.

A mysterious figure schemes to thwart the prophecies. The future admiral, Robert Deacons, witnesses the birth of the first child, Arni Sotaeras Liontari, and saves the lives of the infant and his mother. He suspects the child belongs to the enemy of his childhood, but he refuses to harm an innocent child. His gut tells him, his enemy has already won even if the battle hasn’t started.

He returns to meet his newborn nephew, David Liam Alexander, a future Commonwealth captain. How are the two infants connected? What secrets bind them together? Come find out.

The Defender:  Questions of Trust

The newly formed Pateran Resurrection Movement is severely outnumbered and outclassed. The potential for traitors in their ranks remains high. Captain Alexander is plagued with a manpower shortage aboard the Evangeline. His father openly confesses to being a Commonwealth spy forcing him to take defensive action.

What else could possibly go wrong? The newly elected Lead Admiral was already one of the youngest of the Explorer Fleet captains. His feelings of inferiority to his peers are multiplied when two ships under his command disappear. Personal tragedy strikes the new young Admiral adding to his load.

Executor Hale reveals a secret designed to hurt one person, the new Admiral. How much more can Admiral Alexander take before he cracks under the pressure? The Admiral needs all hands on deck. Join him now, before more tragedy strikes.