This site is brand new (like I just put it together this morning 5 Nov 2018)! This will be the place to get the latest and greatest news and information about Reggi Broach and The Defender Series of books. You will also find links to purchase the books if you haven’t already gotten a copy.

Thanks for your interest! Come back frequently and see what is happening!

NaNoWriMo – The Day After

1 December 2018 – the day after National Novel Writing Month

Success has been achieved! This has been a month of incredible concentration and learning, Fifty-Thousand (+) words in 1 month (with a major holiday and an unexpected trip out-of-town). 

I’ve never done a NaNo before, and initially, I wasn’t even going to do it this year – but – with just days before November 1, God changed my mind. I decided that instead of just watching what happened, I would do this. Thirty days later, I have a story which officially qualifies as a novel. However, you can’t read it yet… the story isn’t finished.  🙂   I’m not sure exactly where this is headed… but I know that writing about the “Birth of the Defender” during the Advent/Christmas season when we celebrate the Birth of our Christ is an exciting time!