The Defender: Treasonous Acts

The Commonwealth Explorer Class Vessel, the SS Evangeline is tasked with a series of first contact ambassadorial missions to recruit allies among the low-tech worlds. These worlds have no major strategic value but the Supreme Executor of the Commonwealth, Luciano Hale intends to prevent them from being recruited as allies by Pateras El Liontari, the Commonwealth’s new enemy. Executor Hale knows if the Liontari influence takes root even on these backward world, he will soon lose control of the galaxy. Executor Hale is reluctant to suggest that this new enemy is anything but a technologically advanced human race. His reluctance stems from his own desire not to be discovered as being a non-human capable of changing his own appearance. He has maintained control of the galaxy for several hundred years by taking on a new human appearance after every normal human lifespan expires. If the humans find out who Pateras really is, they will discover who he is.

The Evangeline’s captain, David Alexander, knows the truth. He and his crew are divided in their loyalties. Some have wantonly committed treason and abandoned the Commonwealth while others are still uncertain. One remains stalwartly loyal to the Commonwealth. Knowing the heinous acts committed by Executor Hale against the defenseless civilians on low-tech worlds, Captain Alexander cannot continue to serve the Commonwealth. He alters his assigned mission to warn the primitive worlds about the coming conflict between the Commonwealth and the Liontari. He takes his treason a step further and begins recruiting allies for Pateras. His actions upset the power base of an entire civilization and rattled the area’s entire foundation, not to mention setting them up for destruction if the Commonwealth found out their loyalties were now with Pateras.

If things were not dangerous enough with the unrest caused by Captain Alexander’s aggressive upheaval of the local politics, a surprise visit from his superior and uncle, Admiral Robert Deacons makes the situation even more precarious. Can the crew keep their secrets from coming out? If the Admiral finds out would he arrest or execute his own nephew? The stakes are high and getting higher with each passing moment.

Pick up a book and step aboard the Evangeline, if you dare. Can you commit treason?