The Defender: In Evil’s Grasp

The Supreme Executor of the Commonwealth, Luciano Hale, wants the traitorous crew of the Evangeline arrested and its captain executed. He wants it so bad he can taste it. The one thing stopping him is Pateras El Liontari. The power of Pateras may stop him from killing Captain Alexander, but if the captain kills himself…

Can Captain Alexander survive being betrayed, imprisoned, tortured and humiliated? In his darkest moments, in pain and surrounded by the evil associates of Executor Hale, his betrayer offers him a way out, a lethal way out.

The Defender: In Evil’s Grasp is volume four of a trilogy gone long. The Commonwealth sent twelve ships out into the galaxy to track down the presence of an enemy known as the “Timeless One.” The ships were on a two-fold diplomatic and surveillance mission to non-space-faring worlds to track the movements of this unknown enemy. The Evangeline found the enemy’s apparent home world on it’s first stop. The people of Galat III were primitive but intelligent and charitable. The son of Pateras El Liontari was born on the backward world. As any good Commonwealth soldiers would do, they reported the enemy’s presence then evacuated to search out other enemy strongholds. The problems began to occur when the son of their enemy, Arni Liontari, began stalking the crew. He followed them to every world they visited. His attacks were nothing like they expected. The crew, one by one, fell away from the Commonwealth and joined forces with Arni Liontari, all except one.

Chief Petty Officer Jacob Holden tried to protect the crew from the assaults of the Commonwealth’s most formidable foe. He challenged his captain at every turn in an attempt to protect him and the crew. When all his efforts fail, Jake has only one recourse. His captain and crew have to be arrested and retrained.

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