The Defender: The Mission

Captain David Alexander commands an Explorer Class Starship known as the SS Evangeline. Their Commonwealth assigned mission is to locate and identify a new enemy encroaching on Commonwealth territory before it’s too late. Their new enemy has unidentifiable technology that turns people against their own government. No methods of persuasion have proven effective in restoring the enemy conscripts. The Supreme Executor of the Commonwealth, Luciano Hale, has authorized extreme sanctions. He wants the Liontari forces stopped, at all costs.

The Captain and crew are new to the mission, new to their jobs and new to each other. Most have been married for only a few months. Tensions are high as the crew spend the first three weeks aboard ship traveling to a distant corner of the galaxy to begin their mission. David knows first contact missions are risky and the discovery of such a powerful enemy increases the danger exponentially, at least that’s what he’s been told. The real experience proves to be quite unsettling. The crew faces primitive natives with superstitious beliefs, crude dangerous lifestyles, assaults, tests of skill and honor, violent weather and their own mortality. Can they survive such overwhelming odds?

“The Defender: The Mission” is the first in an exciting Sci-Fi Space Opera. Reggi Broach packs the mission full of action, adventure and even a few tears and laughter.

Join the crew of the Evangeline and explore the Commonwealth galaxy… if you dare. Get you book here!!